December 30, 2019
digital marketing ideas for restaurant business success

15 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas that Work for Every Restaurant

In the world of smartphones and social media platforms, it gets very important for the restaurant owners to focus on creative digital strategies and connect with the customer not only inside the restaurant but also find the ways to reach them when they are outside the restaurant.
December 13, 2019
Content marketing

Content Marketing and its Benefits – The Ultimate Guide

Content marketing strategies help businesses to attract new customers and retain the existing ones by delivering an appropriate message.
December 9, 2019
how to earn money by blogging banner image

How to Earn Money Blogging – 6 Proven Ways

When you publish creatively created regular content online in any form through your blog, you and your blog get high exposure and new doors of money-making open from there.
November 15, 2019

What is a Blog and How to Start a Blog in Minutes? 3 Step Beginner’s Guide

An online informational platform created for publishing & displaying discussions, opinions, stories, and other writings with the help of text, speech, video or images on a web page.
November 9, 2019

How to buy a domain name and domain registration process

Every business having a website has a domain name that serves as an address, which is used to access the website.
For example
November 8, 2019

What is a domain name and how to choose the best domain name for your business?

The online world will identify your business with your domain name and it will be like a physical address to reach you.
November 6, 2019
logo types to choose banner image

6 different types of logos – Which one to choose?

A logo is not just a design word or a symbol, it's a complete solution architecture that represents your brand personality to the world and promotes you globally. Logos provokes an instant recognition of the company and easily distinguishes the brand from the competition.
November 4, 2019

Explainer video benefits for your brand

Explainer videos are changing the rules of marketing, more and more organizations are now investing in video marketing. Latest stats on Video marketing are a real eye-opener and shows the urgency why businesses need their customized explainer videos.
November 4, 2019
create perfect infographic tips

4 steps to create a perfect Infographic

Infographics are a visual format for the display of key content and give a creative perspective to communication by effortless integration of text and visuals. Effective visual communication involves two key components – data visualization and visual literacy.
November 2, 2019

Why to have video on a Website Homepage?

Videos on homepage plays a great role in increase of visitors average time spend on website. Businesses without videos lack this opportunity to have engagement and interaction with the site visitor and receive elevated bounce rate on their site.
November 2, 2019

Why explainer videos are effective

Sites with explainer videos about product or service make visitors stay long on the websites. Visitors engage more with the business offerings and get more confident for the brand while doing their actual purchase decisions.
November 2, 2019

Video marketing statistics 2019

Video is most watched, liked and socially shared content form on web. Businesses have incorporated video marketing strategies in their brand plans and consistently creating creative content to engage and retain the customers.
November 2, 2019

Page 1 ranking on Google with a video

Presence of video on website homepage or landing page stimulate SEO rank and help gaining more traffic towards your site.
November 2, 2019

Marketing video wins the customers confidence

Customer loyalty can be won by building confidence in his mind for your brand and videos are proving real in that strategy.
November 2, 2019

How marketing videos increase brand loyalty and customer retention?

To elevate the engagement businesses need creative marketing videos that are modern, interesting and facilitate the buying process.
Video marketing is the perfect opportunity to connect with the audience, turn their heads and drive them towards loyalty.
November 1, 2019

Include Call to Action button in your marketing video that customer can’t resist

Video CTA or call to action is created in the form of clickable button which pops in between video slides at strategic time intervals, or can be permanently visible throughout the video or be presented at the end of the video.
November 1, 2019

5 things to consider before publishing your marketing video

Before publishing your business video on the web businesses need to check following points, so that it qualifies for all major web hurdles which others have faced.
November 1, 2019

3 steps to write a killer marketing video script

Video script is the basic flow of your narrative that will drive the storyline and create excitement, inspiration and emotion till the end.
November 1, 2019

7 Traits of successful infographics

Information + graphics termed as Infographics, though any information can be turned into any Infographics style as broad consideration, we have categorized them into 7 types.
October 31, 2019

7 Best types of infographics

Information + graphics termed as Infographics, though any information can be turned into any Infographics style as broad consideration, we have categorized them into 7 types.
October 31, 2019

8 professional tips to create stunning business cards

Want to get noticed and remembered than create a business card design that will give you an edge over others. It serves as the first touch and displays your readiness to start the business.
October 31, 2019

Top 5 reasons why Business cards still matter

Business cards are old fashion to carry if you think in the same way than we think you have to go through with below mentioned facts and rethink again about business cards.