Create deeper experience and lasting memory

Explainer video is the way of communication to explain product or service in an audio-visual format within the timeframe of a few minutes or seconds. Extremely popular and having the power to alter the buying decisions of people it should be integrated into every organization's brand plan. Creatively scripted and professionally produced short videos for the products or services generates profound experiences and
long-lasting memory in human minds.

Interact with users
in the most exciting way

Short videos are the top-rated content form on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin to promote your business. Brands always need creative constant marketing content that flows periodically and keep customers updated and informed.

Do you?

  • Want to boost your sales
  • Want to educate audience better
  • Want more social media following
  • Need a great story for your brand
If your answer is yes for the above questions, for sure your brand needs a custom explainer video!
Types of videos that we can create for your brand
It doesn't matter project is high budget or low budget, simple or complex as passionate video animators we set high goals for your brand and deliver the best-suited video story ensuring 100% satisfaction and customer delight.

Animated explainer videos

Either presenting a memorable idea or communicating a simple message, we create animated creative stories for all brand needs. With the help of imaginative and realistic looking 2D 3D characters, backgrounds, professionally written scripts we establish emotions, entertainment and experience. Characters are the soul of this video form they initiate the storyline add emotions to it, stays till the end and are super enjoyable to watch. With limitless animation and endless imagination, explainer videos maximize the brand results and establish great engagement with the target audience. Well designed high-quality HD characters, flawless animations, transitions, voiceovers, background music, unique storyline make animated explainer videos quick attention-grabbing package that leaves an everlasting impression to viewers.

How-to videos

Often named as screen recording videos, screencast videos, demo videos or how-to videos. How-to videos are the video form that is created to educate the target audience about the product use and demonstrate its features, value and credibility. A great amount of effort and money is spent when some new website, product, service, software or app is launched in the market and it gets very important for an organization to create engagement and interaction of their product with users; complex user interfaces and feature-rich software or app needs stepwise explanation. Ease your users and explain the functionality of your software or app with how-to demo videos. Software go through with amalgamation of scripted voice-over and suited animations make the process easy to understand and memorize.

Whiteboard animations

Video created with the feel of educating the viewer in the traditional whiteboard style. Animated hand holding a pen is used to draw characters, scenes on the whiteboard. With whiteboard animations, the storytelling gets very interesting and curiosity about what will come next is automatically generated in the mind of the viewer. Everyone has used whiteboard either in college or office for their presentations or learning, it's like experiencing something old but in a modern, creative and animated manner. Whiteboard video animation is an incredible and popular asset of video marketing that binds and engages the audience till the end of the story.

kinetic animation

Creative motions of text to create a visually appealing animated video message for the products and services are termed as typography kinetic animations or in simple words “Text in motion”. Typography kinetic animation is such a creative and engaging animation that it is been used in almost every modern videos and movies. Great script combined with typography animation creates a great user experience and enticing video framework, a unique interactive platform with a limitless creative prospective.

Cutout animations

We love to do cutout animations, our experienced designers draw customized icons, video elements with pencils on paper and after a precision cut, we click HD photographs of the cutouts and export it in our software to give them final motion and animation. Cutouts give the pleasure of originality to entice brand visibility and engagement among the audience. With cutout animation, we always strive that something new and unique is created.

Holiday or Festival videos

Celebrations, music, fun, happiness comes with the holiday season, create a video for these special occasions and wish your partners and loyal customers in a brand new way. Your wishes and care increase the high level of trust and sense of satisfaction in your customers and generates a positive feeling that they have taken the right decision in choosing your brand, stir the emotions and cement your brand in their minds.

Shooted video editing

Either you have attended some presentation, webinar, vlog or been interviewed by someone, there are always raw video clips with important information which can be shared with your partners or customers, but due to raw footage usage is not productive. Even the simple video shoot done by iPhone can be turned into high-quality footage by using the right editing tricks and techniques. With our composting, rendering and color grading skills, we can edit your footage to turn it into a great piece of information.

Logo reveal animation

The company logo is used everywhere either it's print media, corporate identity or social. In the rising culture of customer engagement animations and short videos are giving an extra edge to products and service offerings, logo reveal is the creative and stylish animation of your logo and is used as intro or outros in every video message created for the brand. Logo animation extends the visual language for your brand and evokes strong emotions for your brand.
Importance of videos in digital marketing

Why choose us

We are the full package video animation service provider, create everything in house and we don’t stop till you are not satisfied. We constantly research and monitor the different industries for the video trends and ensure our clients with the best format which helps brands in higher engagement and more ROI. When compared to TV commercials that can cost any brand or start-up a fortune, animated explainer videos are so very much affordable to give better brand visibility and savings in terms of budget planning and allocation.

  • Fast delivery
  • Professional script writing
  • Original Storyline
  • Customized environments
  • Unique characters
  • Genuine Softwares
  • Modern animations and transitions
  • Free revisions
  • Studio quality voiceovers
  • HD Production
  • Multilingual
  • Budget-friendly
  • Copyright-free music
  • Lively characters with realistic motions
Our video production process
We create successful video content so that your brand gets absolute exposure and a fair chance to create social media ripple. Studies have shown that users who watched a video about a product or service subsequently bought it too, viewers take action on short video ads. Let's create a brand new story for your brand too.
  • 1 Information gathering

    Great video story starts with understanding you, your business, target audience and the marketing goals that you want to achieve from the video. In this stage, we collect all vital information, perform research, create idea mapping, brainstorm all possible variations and perspectives to create an agreed creative brief of the video idea.
  • 2Script writing

    Now, is time to create a video script around our video story idea and creative brief aligned with your brand personality and pre-determined video playing timeline. Our scriptwriters will write the video script narrating the complete video story phase-by-phase as it will be conveyed within the final video. Everything will be written in the narrator’s voice, so that if we need a video with voiceover then with some modification this can be utilized for the audio recordings by the voiceover artists.
  • 3Creating the Storyboard

    As we have our video-script ready, we are good to go for the visual representation of our video slides and scenes. Here, the graphic designers and animators work in collaboration to draft the complete video storyboard comprised of visual mockups and raw drawings demonstrating the video progression across the video scenes, slides and transitions. This will give a visual exposer to our written video storyline and help you judge the potential enticing and engaging power of the video.
  • 4Video design and graphics

    After you have approved the storyboard now, it’s time to create the visual assets for the video that will be used for video animation - the look and feel, brand theme-oriented colors, characters, scene illustrations, icons and more. The creative team will invest all their time and creative juices to craft a modern, stylish and emotion curating graphics for your video. In another word's in this stage we are adding the final video graphics into our storyboard.
  • 5Animation and transitions

    This stage is where all the magic happens - the animators will start giving life to the finalized visual content and start animating your video. We will animate the video scene and share it with you at regular intervals to collect your feedback and with alterations implemented we move ahead to the next one. Covering scene-by-scene, our animators will finish the video animation work and share the exciting video clip for your review.
  • 6Voiceover, sound-effects and music

    As the video animation is ready now its time to enrich it with background music, action sounds and the voiceover. This step involves embedding the voiceover artist’s recorded audio file, sound clips and music file within the video timeline. This needs expertise precision so, that the audio will be synced perfectly with our video demonstration and they both turn into a great marketing video.
  • 7 Delivery

    Finally, the time for which we were waiting eagerly is here. This is exciting for us too equally as it is for you! Your impactful video story is ready now and you can start publishing and sharing it with your customers, stakeholders and the world. It takes only one good video to curate the right emotions and kindles a positive brand ripple around the world.
The prime goal of every marketing campaign is feeding and nurturing customers with relevant product information. It gets very important for organizations to create an impressive storyline for their product with a strong message conveyed. Marketing videos award great support for brand identity development and help in forging strong customer relationships.